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About Us

We are an air freshener manufacturing company that has been operating since 1997. We have more than 20 years of experience of producing products for the car and home air freshener markets.

Our products are made of high-quality materials and only long-lasting fragrances are used. We offer more than 40 product categories and more than 90 fragrances.

The Fresh Way team works hard to introduce new products every year due to the high demand of our clientele.

We export to more than 30 countries worldwide. Our products are available in such markets like Russia, the United States of America, Europe, Latin America and so on.

Our Philosophy

We are concentrated on delivering the best possible products to our customers. We carefully test fragrances in order to achieve the most long-lasting and freshest scents.

Quality is our priority and this is why we are constantly working on improvements and delivering new products of high-quality to the market.

Furthermore, we believe in great packaging that looks appealing to the eyes.

High-quality products, great packaging and long-lasting fragrances is the formulae to Fresh Way products!